Sunday, October 5, 2014

Let There be Light

I'm putting up christmas lights this year.

I know, I know!  Who am I all of a sudden?

Well, the details tell the tale.  I have a 12 foot deck on the front of my house.  It has your basic railing system constructed of 2x4 cross members and 2x2 uprights.  I bought a single, 9 ft strand of icicle lights (LEDs, of course) that I will attach to the top railing.  Nothing fancy, just a little light and less than $10.

I went with all blue because I think that looks nice, and to avoid the glare of all-white lights if any of the light peeps in the house when I have the drapes open.  It's all very middle-aged childless guy who lives alone.  I was tempted to get a cascading set, but that would have been $40 for the same size and I have to draw the line somewhere.  Yet, there are still a couple months of temptation that I will have to resist before the lighting season is over.