Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cyclone Dairy

I've been seeing a catchy ad in the sponsor's section of Daily Kos the past few days. I clicked it this morning and found a web site at the other end of this link:

It's pumping the advantages of milk given by cloned cows. It's either the funniest gag web site ever (heard of reverse psychology?) or it's real and Cyclone Dairy is run by the most clueless business people in recorded history.

If you have knowledge of its veracity, leave a coment. Otherwise, enjoy!


  1. No particular new knowledge here, but it's gotta be a joke. On their FAQ:

    Q: Are there any ethical issues about cloning?

    A: No.

    This is priceless

  2. Turns out it was an elaborate joke, timed for April Fools, by Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Kudos.