Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Stuff for the Neighbors

My neighbors across the way - I call them the dog people - got brand new kitchen appliances this morning. No, the people don't resemble dogs - they have one. A big one. This dog is 50 lbs if he's an ounce, and he's an inside pet They walk him in the green space between our homes at least three times a day. I wonder who owns whom? I find it odd to see a couple with a one-year old child and a huge-ass dog in a two-bedroom townhome. I live alone in an identical unit and I find the place a little cramped at times. Well, to each their own.

Their appliances were gleaming stainless steel and looked really nice. They are doing their part to stimulate the economy. Good for them.

Here's why I bring this activity to your attention. I watched the delivery crew unload the fridge and get it on the dolly to begin carting it up the entry stairs. It was only then that the leader measured the door to see if it would fit. It must have fit, as there were no appliances sitting on the sidewalk when I got home from work but wouldn't it be funny if it hadn't fit? Well, funny to us?

Mental note: Be sure to measure doors before ordering new appliances in the future or I'll have to write a very unfunny blog posting when I have to send them back.

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