Monday, March 9, 2009

Song: New Age Girl by Deadeye Dick

I heard a song the other day that reminded me of one of my favorite memories of working at Domino's Pizza in my home town way back when. It's a little juvenile and may lose something in translation but it tickled me silly at the time and still does.

There was a hit song in the early 90s by Deadeye Dick called "New Age Girl." If you're not familiar, the singer is extolling the virtues of his girlfriend, Mary Moon, who is into new agey things, like being an environmentalist, wearing crystals and even driving a wind car. In the chorus he tells us that she is, of course, a vegitarian.

About a year after "New Age Girl" was a hit, I was answering phones at Domino's Pizza. I took an order from a traveler staying at one of the city's fine motels. As was the custom, in addition to the room number, we would ask for the name under whom the room was registered. Usually the caller would give their last name and that would be that.

On this fateful night, I took a motel order. The pie had at least one type of meat on it. After taking the pie order, I asked for the address.

"Best Western, room 118."

"And the name on the room?"

"Mary Moon."

Brief pause. "I would have thought you would've ordered something vegitarian."


"We'll have that to you in 30 minutes or less. Thanks for calling."

I had to struggle to get the last part out without cracking up. When the phone was back on the hook, I took a little time to laugh my head off. You don't get perfect shots like that very often.

Maybe you had to be there. I was; I still think it was funny.

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