Sunday, June 14, 2009

The UnZen of Motorcycle Maintenance

My Goldwing is on the disabled list with a coolant leak. It's not too bad - the coolant doesn't leak to the ground and the level hasn't dropped appreciably, but I can smell it after driving even the shortest of distances. I can see evidence of the leak in the form of some dried up coolant residue on the left side rear of the engine, but I can't see the offending hose or fitting or what have you.

I just tried to remove enough of the fairing to get at the leak but pulling off all that plastic is pretty complicated and after doing the easy part, I realized it's time to pay for a professional to do the rest. I'll run over to the dealer in Hopkins tomorrow to set up an appointment.

And today would be a perfect day (78°, sunny, calm) to go riding with no particular place to go. Alas.

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