Sunday, November 22, 2009

Somebody Had a Good Time Last Night

Up until the millisecond where it stopped being fun. I found this wreck as I was returning from the store this morning. It's on my street, about 2/10ths of a mile from my house.  I don't recognize the car - it could be a neighbor's or carrying a neighbor. Both airbags deployed. They were moving pretty fast at the time of impact, especially since they were 50 feet from a T-intersection. They were headed for trouble one way or another.

I talked to the neighbor who belongs to the front yard where the car came to rest. She didn't hear anything last night. She could be a drunk for all I know, so let's assume there was some noise at the moment of impact and probably some ambulance and constabulary noises. Doesn't look like there would have been any tire screeching, though - no skid marks. I think the driver's window was down intentionally, as there is no broken glass.

That's a funny place to park a car.

The fact there is no water in this photograph is a testament to the strength of the fire hydrants in Minnetonka.

The passenger airbag broke the the windshield and knocked the rear-view mirror loose.

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  1. Tiger Woods must have been in your neighborhood, practicing.