Friday, October 15, 2010

Some People Are Just Ridiculous

It's 55° right now. It got up to maybe 60 today. My neighbors from two doors down have their air conditioning running. It's been running every time I've been outside today (to and from work, home for lunch, et al). AND THEY'RE HOME RIGHT NOW! It ran all day yesterday, too. How hot could it be in that place - essentially identical to my unconditioned abode - that they need to cool it down that much? Ridiculous. I'm offended for no other reason than they are burning copious amounts of fossil fuel when they could have the same result by opening a window. Some people are just ridiculous.

Update Sunday, 8:43AM:  Their AC is finally off.  From Thursday morning to Saturday late, perhaps even this morning, their air conditioning ran constantly.  With their windows wide open all day Saturday.

My next-door neighbor (a sane guy) thinks it has to do with renovations they did last week, stinky paints and adhesives, etc.  If true, it's another argument for low VOC construction materials.

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