Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wait, Wait, Don’t Bill Me

So, do you want a way to get your heart started in the morning?  Notice I didn’t say "good way."
I checked my e-mail this morning and found this (usually) routine e-mail.

Notice the dollar amount.  My bill is always around $40.
Many a calamitous possibility ran through my mind as I scrambled to log into the Verizon portal to look at the details on the bill.  What could they have done to make my bill be five times larger than normal and how long will it take me in Customer Service hell to get out of it?
Wait, I don’t see a new bill.  My previous bills were all dated the 20th, not the 18th.  Huh.
Oh, there it is.  My account number doesn’t end with 0675-00001.  I see what happened.  They sent me someone else’s notice.  Well, that’s not so bad – for me.  Isn’t it crazy, though, that they’d send the ready-notice for someone else to me?  That just doesn’t inspire confidence.


  1. I am surprised that you are surprised about ANY phone carrier being able to supply a good product with good customer service, let alone be able to get the bill right. Sorry, that was way to serious for me, I must be a little distracted, I need help with the 6 foot banana in my bathroom.

  2. Let it be noted that it's a 6-foot TALKING banana.

    Truth be told, I will be checking MY invoice very carefully when it is posted in two days time. I got a bad feeling about this.

    Oh, and finally, let me say how surprised I am that Steve Dallas is a regular reader of my blog. And I'm not at all surprised that he reads it during work hours.

  3. This is creepy. And I would hate paying $200/month for phone service! People are nuts.