Saturday, January 10, 2009

Music: Susan Tedeschi

I don't believe it! Susan Tedeschi has a new album out!

I was shopping for linoleum this afternoon and in the background music at the store I detected the faint strains of Susan Tedeschi's unmistakable voice singing "People, people," something. It was accompanied by the even less mistakable slide guitar work of Derek Trucks. I have a bunch of Susan's music but this one sounded unfamiliar.

I went home and searched my collection for any songs that might be what I heard. Nada. Since she's done a handful of songs under the Derek Trucks Band banner, I might have looked there, but instead I played a hunch, hopped on the internet machine and found a site that said a song called "People" was from her "Back to the River" CD. Didn't take long to confirm that I have no CD by that name. A quick hop over to Amazon confirmed that "Back to the River" is a new album, out only a few months.

You'd think that if they want people to buy music, they might inform us when new music from favorite artists comes out, maybe with a marketing campaign, maybe some targeted advertising of some sort. You'd think Amazon's amazing "You might like" area might pop up with new material from someone for which they have sold me CDs previously. You'd think. Their omission means they missed out on a sale.

Anyway, I went out and got a copy. I'm riping it now. I probably won't be able to listen to it until tomorrow as I have to start a movie DVD before the night gets away from me.

By the way, shopping for linoleum deserves its own post sometime. I don't yet know how the story ends, though.