Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh My God

Hey everybody! Stop referring to the water ditching of the US Air flight as miraculous or in any other way divinely affected.

There is no evidence that a deity was involved in the landing in any way. If anything, a supreme being may have directed the birds to fly into the airplane, but the landing? That was all random and fortuitous events.

This incident was a testament to the experience and training of Capt Sully and his crew, the quality of an Airbus A320 and the luck to have a clear day and calm water.

To give credit for this experience to a God is to cheapen the event. If God landed the plane, then did it matter they had an experienced pilot? Should the ferry boats have hurried to the rescue since God wasn't about to let any of the passengers die of drowning or hypothermia?

Come on people. Be precise with your language. And give credit where credit is due.

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