Sunday, January 18, 2009

Once Follow-Up

I told you in a previous post about my experience with "Once." You'll be happy to know the soundtrack works pretty well on its own so it will become a permanent part of my music collection.

In a funny coincidence, a co-worker came over the other day to make an unsolicited recommendation for a movie to watch. "Once." She had seen it last Saturday night on HBO, probably the same time I was watching it on DVD. I've never heard her make a movie comment before, so her watching one at the same time I'm getting blown away by it is quite unlikely. My co-worker who has been prodding me to see it for a year and I had a good laugh.

Watch "Once" with the subtitles on if you can, but just watch it.


  1. I think I saw "Once" through Netflix but can't really remember. Of course I am old and forgetful.

  2. Go into your que; on the right side, hit "See all DVD activity". Your most recent 50 or so disks will appear. Scroll to the bottom and hit "See complete history." Use ctrl-F to search for the word "Once." You'll either find it and know that you saw it already or won't find it and you'll know you still need to.