Sunday, June 14, 2009

Do NOT Eat Your Fruits and Vegitables

I made a quick run to the grocery store this morning. My list included the usual - bananas, grapes, a couple types of apples. Hearing my parents' voice in my head that there is all kinds of goodness in the produce section, I made an impulsive purchase of some fairly attractive nectarines.

At checkout, I was punished for my impulsiveness. My three nectarines added up to 0.98 lbs. At $1.49 a pound, they should have run me $1.46. Instead, they were rung up as olives - olives! - at $7.99 a pound. The charge was $7.83. A careless checker added $6.37 to my grovery bill this morning. I don't claim to be an expert but olives and nectarines don't seem to be very similar.

There are a number of lessens one could take away from this. Yes, I could have watched closely as the checker rang up my items (unlikely). I could have reviewed my receipt on the spot (I hate it when people do that). No, the lessen here is that you can't get ripped off buying unfamiliar fruits if you don't buy any to begin with.

In summary, if you're buying produce at Rainbow on 6th Ave North in Plymouth, keep a skeptical eye on your checker, and most importantly, don't eat your fruits and vegitables!

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