Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Computer

My new computer is up and running. For the technogeeks out there, here are the specs:

Athlon 64 dual-core processor
Four gigabytes RAM
Two one-terrabyte hard drives set up as RAID mirrors

It took a little arguing to get the drives set up as RAID. Here is a summary of the instructions: Load operating system. Use Windows to make a boot disc for the RAID drivers. Use the driver disc when prompted while loading the operating system.

Waitaminute. Fully load the OS, create a disc, use that disc to load the OS? I think the manual was written by a guy named Mobius.

Since I want to migrate all my programs and data from my old machine to the new, it would be real handy to set them up as a home network. Handy, maybe, but not possible. I spent four hours the other night trying to make it happen but they won't speak. Oddly, the new one can see the old one but when I click on it, it says the server is unavailable. I gave up and bought a new flash drive. I still have to load from the old then plug in to the new but having a 16 gig flash drive is like using a dump truck for yard work instead of a wheel barrow. I won't need to make many trips.

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