Thursday, December 10, 2009

Destroying My House - in a Good Way

I haven't finished reassembling my downstairs powder room after its repainting last weekend (trim is still undone) but I've started to prep the upstairs bathroom for repainting.  The first thing was removing some wallpaper flower appliques near the ceiling.  I only did a little damage there.

Next, I decided to get rid of this thing. It could charitably be called a cabinet.  I've just been calling it an eyesore.

It's a standard bathroom fixture - pressed wood with two shelves covered by the doors and one shelf open.  I've always associated it - and I've seen them in dozens of bathrooms over the years - with cheap.  My house isn't crafted of the highest quality materials necessarily but it is within my power to remove this cheap cabinet so I did.

See how the room opens up without it? Maybe it's the extra four square feet of reflective area but I think the whole room is now brighter without the light-sucking wood-like veneer.  I'll have to install some open shelves or something in the future but for now, I'm enjoying the wide open space.

I was going to trash the cabinet but I think I will hang it in the garage.  One can always use more storage space in the garage, especially since the unit is already paid for.

My camera doesn't record true colors very well. The actual color of the bathroom is best described as olive and these pictures show it lighter than it really is.  What color will it be in a week?  Wait and see.

OK, it'll probably still be olive, only with areas of spackle on it.  You'll have to wait and see to find out what the new color will be - eventually.

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