Saturday, February 27, 2010

National Public Radio

I don't know if it is significant or not, but the fine folks at Car Talk are no longer identifying themselves as being with National Public Radio.  At the end of the show or into a station break, they used to say “This is NPR, National Public Radio.”  Now, they say “This is NPR.”

A small change, to be sure, and probably meaningless but it's upsetting my internal sense of rhythm or timing or pickiness or something.  I wish they'd go back to the old way.

Update 3:20 pm

Peter Sagal is also saying just "NPR" when Wait Wait Don't Tell Me goes into a break.  I don't mind change but it's still messing with my head a bit.  And if somebody at NPR decided they need to be known as "NPR" for the same reasons Kentucky Fried Chicken decided to be "KFC," then I am going to ridicule them mercilessly.  But still listen.

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