Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time for a New Faucet

My old kitchen faucet was leaking so I decided to replace it and upgrade while I was at it. You can see what was what and what is now in the before and after pictures.

Surprisingly, it didn't take too long, less than two hours. The job isn't technically done, though. I need another hand. The new faucet is only hand tight, as I couldn't hold it still and twist the wrench at the same time. The next time I have a visitor, even my poor old gray-haired mother, that person will be drafted to hold the faucet while I tighten it from underneath. Until then, I will be gentle.

The longest part of the job was removing the dry plumber's putty from where the old faucet was seated. After a while, I got impatient and used a razor blade. There are a few scratches here and there, but I figure a little abrasive cleanser ought to hide those.

I have to hide the hole where the old sprayer came up.  I guess that means a soap dispenser, so another trip to the home store is in my future.  

I don't know if I will call it my next project, but tile for the backsplash has been ordered. With prep and cutting, that will be a big job. My brother “Chuck” gave me a Christmas present of an indeterminate amount of help for household projects. Tile in the kitchen might be more than he bargained for, but we'll see. I certainly should have called him over for the sink.


  1. My parents came over for a while yesterday. I became the plumbing assistant to my 90-year-old dad. He crawled under the sink right away and got busy tightening both the faucet and the soap dispenser. I think he likes having something to do.

  2. LOL. Your dad is going to live to age 210.

    Chuck should be put to work one of these days. His life has been pretty darn easy.